This page provides detailed info about our programs. For season info such as practice start dates etc. for a specific division please use one of the links below.


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The Lancaster Youth Soccer Club is an all volunteer, non profit organization. There are no paid employees or members, including the president & officers. Our club is held together and completely dependant upon member and parent involvement.


The LYSC has soccer programs for players ages 5 to 14.

(U means 'Under') - The individual age groups are: U6 & U8 (these are intramural programs) and U10, U12, U15 (these are recreational programs).


LYSC encourages all kids who are interested in playing soccer to sign-up.

A child does not have to have any experience to start playing soccer. Your son or daughter can start playing at any age level. Each season we have kids playing for the first time in all age groups. The teams consist of mixed skill levels from player that have never played to skilled and everywhere in between. This is what recreational soccer is all about. If you have a son or daughter that wants to play soccer, by all means sign them up...


By level U15 most kids know if they want to pursue soccer at the Junior High level. For the kids who do join the school team, as a soccer club we have helped prepare them for the challenges of playing at the Junior High level. - For the kids who enjoy playing soccer but do not want to join a school team, our intramural program is an excellent way for these kids to get out there and play competitive soccer just for the fun of it. To be eligible to play on a LYSC team the player is required to reside in the Lancaster city or twp. vicinities.



Age Divisions

The birth dates on the age division chart are set by the EPYSA (Eastern PA Youth Soccer Association) and change each fall. The soccer season runs like the school year, fall & spring soccer is considered one season. However, your child can start playing in the fall or spring. The fall season is when the kids move up to the next age level (like the kids move up to the next grade level in the fall in school). In other words, whatever age division your child is in during the fall season, he or she will play in the same age division in the spring.


Roster (team) Sizes

The number of players we are allowed to have on each team in each age division "is set by the league". If we do not have enough players to form another complete team we will start a waiting list. In the event a player or players drop from a roster after the season begins replacements are selected from the waiting list in the order the registration forms were received.


FALL SOCCER (August - November)

Fall Practice usually begins in late August for the intramural teams (U10 - U19) and in early to mid September for the instructional teams (U6 & U8). The last games of the fall season are played approx the 1st Saturday in November.


SPRING SOCCER (April - June)

Spring Practice usually begins in late March for the intramural teams (U10 - U19) and in early to mid April for the instructional teams (U6 & U8). The last games of the spring season are played approx the 1st Saturday in June.






U6 & U8


The U6 & U8 level emphasis is on learning the game & developing skills. Scores are not kept for these games. All games are played "in house" (against the other LYSC teams) at community park where practices are held. The coaches are also the referees allowing them to work with the kids on the field of play. Since the emphasis is on learning, the rules are not strictly enforced & coaches/referees allow a player to re-do an improper throw-in etc. as may times as it take to insure the child learns the proper techniques.


Parents/Guardians are encouraged to become involved with practice, & may assist on the field during the games. Please let your coach know if you would like to assist during a game, or at practice. Your help & participation is always greatly appreciated.


U-6 Games: Four players are used on each side during the games - two offensive players, and two defensive players. Playing with 4 players per side allows the kids a better opportunity to "play the ball" and be more involved. No goalie is used for the U6 level.


U-8 Games: are played with 5 players per side (5 V 5). Goalies are used at this level.

The emphasis at this level is for the kids to start playing their positions (Left & right offence & defense) and not to chase the ball around the field. - "boy is this a hard habit to break".



U10 - U15


At the intramural levels there are separate divisions for the boys and girls. We play against other soccer clubs in our league (Lancaster County) and although we do travel to away games, rec teams are not "Travel Teams". Also beginning at U-10 the games are officiated by league referees.


U10 Boys & Girls

At this level the games are more competitive, scores are kept & referees are used. Although the rules are enforced at this level, referees may be lenient & allow a player a 2nd attempt to correct an improper throw-in etc. 


U10 Boys & Girls

Number of players per side is 7, (7 V 7).


U12 Boys & Girls

Number of players per side is 9, (9 V 9).



Beginning at U-15, the number of players per side during games is 11 (11 V 11). Games are played on the large field at community park.





BOYS Home Games

are played on Saturday mornings at Lancaster Township Community Park.

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Boys Away Games
Some away games might be in the afternoon and can start as late as 3:00.


The Boys league plays 7 or 8 games per season against other Lancaster County Youth Soccer Clubs. An Opt-in tournament is available at the end of the season for the spring and fall as of 2015.


GIRLS Home Games:

Girls Home Games are played on Sunday afternoons at Lancaster Township Community Park. Home game start times are normally 1:30 and/or 3:00 PM.

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Girls Away Games

Away Games start anywhere between 1:00 PM & 4:00 PM. Sunday afternoons.


The Girls usually play 7 games per season against other Lancaster County Youth Soccer Clubs. The girls have an end of the season tournament the last weekend in October for the fall season & the last weekend in May for the spring season.


Game Schedules:

We will distribute schedules to the parents once we receive word from the boys/girls leagues they have been finalized. The schedules will also be available online via the 'schedules' link on the drop down menu and on our mobile website. The schedules are normally not available until a week or two before the first game.