What To Do If Your Child Will Need To Miss a Practice or Game.


If possible let your coach know ahead of time if your son/daughter will not be able to attend a practice or a game (especially a game). However, it's up to each coach individually if they would like to be notified about a missed practice/game due to illness or other reasons so ask your coach their policy is on this matter.


If you child will need to miss the first practice of the season, please let us know so we know that your child still wants to be on the team, they are just unable to make the first practice. If you have your coach's contact info you can let them know or email us with your coach's name (if you know it) and we will let the coach know. - But please let us know.



Practice & Game Cancellation Procedures


U10 - U15 Divisions


If Practice needs cancelled due to foul weather coaches will call you approx an hour before practice to cancel.


Games are to be cancelled by the home team coach (coach to coach) at least 2 hours before game time. This means coaches will call you with a game cancellation approx 1.5 to 2 hours before game time.


U6 & U8 Divisions


Practice & Game cancellations are normally posted on the home page for these age groups. If it's an ugly raw day and foul weather is imminent we may post the cancellation well in advance of practice/game time. Cancellations will also be posted on the mobile website & sent via Twitter. - If the website editor is unable to post the cancellation your coach will call.


Remember to Refresh the Home Page...

When visiting the home page to check for practice/game cancellations, remember to refresh your browser (re-download this page) to make sure you are viewing the most recent (updated) page content.