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About Our Soccer Programs (general info)



General / Misc. Info

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GO My son/daughter has never played soccer before. Can he/she still sign-up?
GO When do the fall & spring seasons start & end?
GO Where are the practice & game fields located?
GO How do I sign-up & what are the fees?
GO Uniform info (what we provide)
GO Registration Cancellations & Refunds (Instructional & Intramural)
GO What to do if your child needs to miss a practice.
GO Practice & Game Cancellation Procedures.
GO My child is advanced for his/her age. Can he/she play up an age division?
GO My child is small for his/her age / or new to soccer. Can he/she play down an age division?
GO Why do you have a waiting list instead of just forming a new team?


Practice & Game Info


GO What times are the U6 & U8 practices and games?
GO What times are the U10 - U19 practices and games?
GO What do I need to bring to the first practice?





U6 & U8: Mondays 6:00 - 7:30 PM & Saturdays 1:00 - 2:30



The first few Saturdays are practices, and then games are played on Saturdays for the rest of the season. U6 and U8 games are played in-house (against other LYSC teams). If a game is cancelled due to rain the game is played the following Monday in place of practice.




U10 - U15 Practice is Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 to 7:30 PM. However the coach may start/end practice a little earlier or later. Scroll down the page for field location and more info.


U10 - U15 GAME INFO:


BOYS Home Games

are played on Saturday mornings at Lancaster Township Community Park.

Locations Page


Boys Away Games
Some away games might be in the afternoon and can start as late as 3:00.


The Boys league plays 7 or 8 games per season against other Lancaster County Youth Soccer Clubs. An Opt-in tournament is available at the end of the season for the spring and fall as of 2015.


GIRLS Home Games:

Girls Home Games are played on Sunday afternoons at Lancaster Township Community Park. Home game start times are normally 1:30 and/or 3:00 PM.

Locations Page


Girls Away Games

Away Games start anywhere between 1:00 PM & 4:00 PM. Sunday afternoons.


The Girls usually play 7 games per season against other Lancaster County Youth Soccer Clubs. The girls have an end of the season tournament the last weekend in October for the fall season & the last weekend in May for the spring season.



What To Do If Your Child Will Need To Miss a Practice or Game


If possible let your coach know ahead of time if your son/daughter will not be able to attend a practice or a game (especially a game). However, it's up to each coach individually if they would like to be notified about a missed practice/game due to illness or other reasons so ask your coach their policy is on this matter.


If you child will need to miss the first practice of the season, please let us know so we know that your child still wants to be on the team, they are just unable to make the first practice. If you have your coach's contact info you can let them know or email us with your coach's name (if you know it) and we will let the coach know. - But please let us know.


Playing up an age division


We will allow a player to play up an age division if the player, coach & parents feel the player will be able to blend-in with the players in the higher age group. - Requests must be approved by the director and each case is reviewed on an individual basis.


Playing down an age division


U6 & U8

We normally do not allow a child to play down an age group. However if you feel due to a physical impairment it would be best for your child to play down an age group please contact us. - Requests must be approved by the director and each case is reviewed on an individual basis.



We normally do not allow a U10 play-down due to it being the child's first time playing soccer. We are a rec club and rec soccer is a great starting place for kids with little or no experience to learn the game. We have children playing soccer for the first time in all age divisions including U10-U19. Our rec (intramural) teams play other rec clubs in the area that also have inexperienced players on their team that are playing for the first time.


U12 & U15

It is against league rules for a player to play down an age division. However there is an exception to this rule. If a club is not fielding a team in the next age division up the league allows a club to have a player or two to play down and age division. There are stipulations to the rule and it must be approved by the director.


Registration Cancellation & Refund Policy

(Instructional & Intramural)


If the season has not yet started & your child did not receive their uniform we will refund the registration fee. If your child has received the uniform & the season has started, cancellations are then handled on an individual basis.



If you paid by check & we have not yet deposited your check, your check will be destroyed. If we already deposited the check we will send you a refund check via mail.


If you paid by credit card we will reimburse the total amount you paid to your credit card minus a $1.00 chargeback fee. This $1.00 fee is to cover the cost we must pay to issue a refund. The fee is only charged if the reason for the refund is not on our end.


Travel Teams

Registration Cancellations / refunds are handled on an individual basis.


Why we must start a waiting list instead of forming a new team


Team Sizes:

The number of players we are allowed to have on each team in each age division "is set by the league". If we do not have enough players to form another complete team, we will start a waiting list. In the event a player or players drop from a roster after the season begins, replacements are selected from the waiting list in the order the registration forms were received.


Number of Fielded Teams:

Each season the Soccer League gives the clubs a due date to declare (let them know) how teams they will field in each age division. Just before the due date we must declare the number of teams we will be fielding. We can only declare the number of teams for which we have enough players to form a complete team. Once the teams are declared we can not add another team or remove a team because the league will have already started to schedule the weekly games.


There are some seasons when we have the minimum number of players required to field a team so we will declare the team and continue to accept forms (after the declaration due date) until the roster is full. If the maximum number of players per team is met and we do not have enough players to field another complete team we have no choice but to close registration for this division and start a waiting list. The waiting list is used only to select replacements if a player/players drop from the roster. Even if we receive enough forms to field another team after the declaration due date, it's too late to declare another team. We must also declare the number to players we have to the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer League (EPYSA) by their due date.



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