Pre-designed Ready To Use

Snack Sign-up Sheets & Snack Reminder Slips



If you're the team "after practice/game snack organizer" we've provided forms for you to use to help keep the snacks organized and make your job a little easier.

  • Form (1) can be used if you only provide a snack after the game and/or oranges at halftime.
  • Form (2) has space for a snack after each practice & game like a lot of the U6-U10 parents like to provide.
  • Form (3) are print & snip reminder slips. They're business card size so you can give these to the parents for them to keep in their wallets/purses to remind them of their snack day/date.

The 3- Pages are PDF Documents. Click just the form/image you want to view/print. We hope you find these helpful.




General Help

Since our club is held together by just a small handful of volunteers we really appreciate any time you are willing to donate. To get started just send us an email and we will answer any questions you might have.

  • One duty we can use a hand with during the season is lining the fields for our home games. This is usually done on a Thursday or Friday.
  • Two days a year we can use help with prepping the fields for the start of the season. This usually only takes about 3 hours on a Saturday morning just before the season starts. But you can only help for an hour or so,,, all help is greatly appreciated. Duties include setting the goals in place, fastening the nets & lining the fields.



Coaching is strictly volunteer. If you think you may be interested in helping out as a head coach, or an assistant, we welcome your help! Training will be available for new, as well as experienced coaches. If your child is just starting out with U-6 or U-8, this is a fun & exciting level for you to get involved. If you are not real familiar with soccer, you will learn the game along with the kids, and have fun in the process. The time you spend & the fun you'll have working with the kids you will treasure always,,, Just ask anyone who has coached.


Kids Save Clearances

PA Law requires anyone working with children to receive 'kids safe clearances'. These clearances are in-place to help insure the safety of our children. All club administrators as well as coaches are required to be screened. The link below will take you to a page that lists the clearances that are required. It's a much easier process that it appears.


Kids Safe Clearances

(League Website)